Our Purpose:

To be a place where people can connect with God, with believers, with family,

and with the community.


Connect And Commit


Next Steps:


If you are interested in connecting further, we are glad to give you a few next steps.


Attend a Worship Service:


Join us as we worship our Savior and walk through God’s Word together. You can learn a lot about a church family by the way they worship God together. Come meet with us and enjoy refreshments from our welcome center. This will also be a great time to ask any questions you may have.

 Sunday Morning Worship: 10:50a.m. every Sunday


Visit an Ongoing Ministry


Sunday School for adults on Sunday mornings. Adults Connect Groups meet each Wednesday night at 7:00p.m. Connect Kids meet  on Sunday during the adult worship service, as well as Wednesday evenings during adult Connect Groups. Wednesday evening activities for kids and adults continue all year long.



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Why We Emphasize Local Church Membership



Membership is about disciple-making. Membership is important because commitment to Jesus is important.


Being committed to Christ mean being committed to His body. How do you show that you are committed to Christ? By being committed to a local church through church membership.


Local church membership is a commitment to the body of Christ (the church) in a local and visible way. Membership help people become disciples, and gives a sense of “home” to members within their local church.


Local church membership is not initiation into an elite club. Instead it is a public declaration by which a person makes know to others that they are committed to Jesus and committed to the body of Jesus in a physical way.




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Connect Groups:


Connect Groups are our adult Bible Study classes. Generally, we have 2 main Connect Groups, one for men and one for women. However, at times, we combine our Connect Groups for specific studies. Our men’s and women’s Connect Groups study the Bible in a way that is relevant for their specific grouping. The Men’s Connect Group focuses on studying the Word in a way that helps men today live a godly life. The Women’s Connect Group focuses their studying of the Word in a way that helps women live to their full potential in Christ.


Classes meet each Wednesday evening throughout the year in the Church’s Educational Wing, at 7:00 p.m.


Connect Kid’s:


At SFA, we believe that our kids are not the church of tomorrow, thy are the church of today. In Connect Kids, our children engage in worshiping our Savior in song, and are taught lessons straight from the Bible.  We believe it is important for everyone to know the Bible and what all it contains; and what better time to start instilling that in their minds and hearts than when they are children.


Connect Kids meet twice weekly. On Sunday mornings, children ages 3-11 are dismissed to Connect Kids after the praise and worship portion of the adult service has ended. We keep the kids in the adult service for the praise and worship because we believe it is important for children to witness the praise of adults, and to join in as well.


On Wednesday evening, Connect Kids aged 3-12 meet at 7:00, during the same time as our adult Connect Groups.


The Bible commands us to “Train up a child in the way he should go; so that when he is old he will not depart form it.” Connect Kids is a tool to help parents in this goal. We strive to make sure that our kids know God and love the Him with all of their hearts.



Nursery/Cry Room

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